Hahaha, well this is different. I’m usually a lazy type of person that only goes when he or she feels like it. I have 2 blogs and a shared blog. I guess it’s time for me to move on and start another. One blog contained personal post and the other contained stories which, I, myself composed. During those day, I realized I wasn’t ‘seriously‘ blogging. I was simply ranting my thoughts in a messed up and selfish manner. Now I want to improve my writing and grammar, hopefully through this blog because I want to start all over and from scratch. I’m thinking of it as a clean slate, thought it’d be hard I have a feeling it’d be an experience.

Through this blog I’ll be showing the ‘new’ me, the changed me. Something that I’ve never clearly explained to someone, hopefully through this blog. I’m just going to warn you that I do have dark thoughts, I have twisted ones, I have not plausible and plausible ones. And I’m different. How? I’ll explain it next time because it’s exam week and I need to study because in all honesty, I haven’t. And tomorrow is the start of the examinations. I’m doomed, yeah. See you soon!

My goals for this blog:

– fix my writing and grammar

– express the ‘new’ me

– maybe find friends (?)

– express my thoughts in a clear manner which some may actually understand

For me that a lot but I think I know I can do this. 🙂


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