Our Twisted Love

The clock hits three
The moon at its peek
Shinning brightly for you
To wake from your sleep

I await your coming
By the tree we’ve claimed
The tree we’ve nurtured
With our love so infinite

Together we stand
Together we face them
Our demons that await
Our demons that slay

Let’s destroy our love
And rebuild another
In our twisted own little worlds
That only we fathom

Say goodbye to your brother
Say goodbye to you sister
Say goodbye to your mother
Say goodbye to you father

Bid them all farewell
For it’s their last
To see your face
In this world we stand

As we hold each others hands
Say our promises together
To never let go
And remain with each other

We look in each others eyes
And say the 3 famous words
We exchange necklaces we’ve chosen
And wear them in pride

As we take a step forward
Both we’ve contemplated
“Goodbye, I bid you demons”
Our final print in this world.


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