Thoughts as a Writer

My thoughts as a writer is a shitty as a dumpster. Why? It has everything. Why is it shitty when it has everything, huh? Well, it’s because I have so much thoughts, so much ideas that goes left and write. All of these come at random moments, trust me it’s shitty. Let’s say you have a brilliant idea for a play that is a project in school but the next moment you forget that brilliant idea, and don’t forget! You also have to start from scratch. That’s me right there, all the fucking time. It’s frustrating and shitty, I shall repeat that as many times as I want because it’s true. Sometimes I would have 2-3 great ideas, I wouldn’t call them brilliant because they aren’t, that I’d like to post about. Guess what? I forgot them all. That’s an example of what happened to me a while ago in the shower (didn’t I tell you, I get is at random times).

If I were to describe my thoughts in a realistic situation, I’d say that it’s like me lost in the forest. I find a trail, maybe 2 or 3, and I tend to follow a path longer than the other. Suddenly, I reach a dead end and start wandering aimlessly into this strange forest I’m in. Yes, I also tend to wonder aimlessly in my thoughts. I’m simply waiting for an idea to start or pop-up.  Just like they say, inspiration cannot be forced but only found. In the end, I simply wonder around waiting for inspiration to come. Oh, I forgot to mention that once I get an idea I’ll never be able to remember the same things. Yes, it make things more frustrating and shitty.

There is also another thing I’d like to voice out, well, I know I haven’t been posting ‘seriously’ since all I’ve been posting are poems and all. Forgive me for that, pretty please? :< I’ve just been caught up with volleyball, ballet, homeworks, and don’t forget projects. Plus, my parents want me to sleep early *internal sigh*, pretty frustrating too. Over the weekends I should be able to post a ‘decent’ post, hopefully.


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