Bringing Her Back: Avoidance (Part 3)

After I read her notebook, I kept it for a few weeks. Arguing with myself, “Should I tell her I read it or not? What should I do?” Finally I got the courage to return it to her…


I returned it first thing in the morning when I first arrived in school. I remebered her reaction, shock and panic. And she said “So now you have an idea what I’m going through?”. “What? Are you saying that I read it?” I replied in panic. “Who wouldn’t read a random journal that was on the floor?” Damn, she’s right there but as usual I lied “Me?”. She said “Whatever” as she grabbed her notebook from my hands and walked heading to her next class. “I’m sorry okay, I couldn’t help it!” I screamed but she ignored it as everyone stared at me….


The rest of the day was spent with her avoiding me. I went to every class she would be in as I can, but every time her classmates would say “I saw her rushing out first thing.” Or something similar. During lunch I couldn’t find her at all, even at places we would eat before or whatever. I don’t know how she did it but, damn, she can hide. By the end of the day I failed to find her at all; all I did was sigh and told myself there would be tomorrow. I just hope she wouldn’t blame herself….


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