Bringing Her Back: Don’t Feel Sorry (Part 4)

The next day I still continued my search. Finally, during lunch she showed herself. It was a humid day and the fog was everywhere, I saw her sitting on the bleachers outside, all alone staring off at the distance. Like she was waiting for me, was she ready to talk to me?


I sat down beside her and she said “People said you were looking for me.” but she just continued staring dazedly. “Yeah I just wanted to apologize for going through your notebook”


“Don’t apologize, it was my fault I was too careless.”


“It wasn’t!”


“It’s okay. I should’ve just been more cautious around you because I already knew that you started noticing. I should’ve just-“


“Please just stop. Why do you need to be cautious?”


“Because no one deserves to bare the weight I have.”


“So what?” I shouted.


“So what? So what! You don’t know what I’ve gone through! I’ve made a mistake on trusting someone and in the end I was left broken and alone! So shut up because you don’t know what I’ve gone through!” 


That was when she finally faced me with eyes full of sorrow, regret and anger. She was breathing heavily as she finished. What have I done? I asked myself but all I said was….


“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-“


“I know you never did its just a natural thing we humans do. We do things majority because of curiosity and instinct. And please don’t feel sorry. Don’t ever feel sorry…” 


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