Bringing Her Back: Drowning (Part 5)

We both stared off the distance, both of us deep in thought. No one spoke, until I broke the silence.


“What happened before?”


“You don’t need to know. It is unnecessary information.”




“But nothing. Can’t you see I’m saving you from shit that can drown you.”


“Doesn’t it drown you too?”


“Yeah it does but I know I deserve this.”


“Why do you deserve this?”


“Again I will repeat. You don’t need to know.”


“Don’t you think its time to let it out.”


She sighed heavily.


“No. I’ve learned my lesson.”


She stood up and walked away. “See you around I guess…” she said as she walked away. “Yeah. See you around.” I simply replied and was left dumb-founded. I started to wonder what happen to her past. Who was this guy she talked about…


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