Bringing Her Back: Happy Place (Part 9)

That was something I never forget, something I never regretted asking. That was the start of our friendship, we eventually became best friends. I hope I helped her, you know, to at least lessen the weight. But now she’s in a happy place, somewhere safe and peaceful. She’s finally reunited with her friends, they could have bonding time again. But I haven’t brought her back. Don’t worry I will soon, just wait and see.


I am in my room standing on my bed. I place the rope around my neck as I look through my window. It was midnight, everything so calm and quiet. I can even see the moon shining brightly, I knew it was her calling me. I whispered to myself “Don’t worry I’m coming.” I heard a her voice at the back of my head saying “Okay, okay I will just be waiting.” I don’t want to prolong her wait because I too am impatient, I take my jump and I see my happy place.


I see her smiling at me, others behind her. They must be her friends. They all welcomed me with open arms.  And, finally, I have achieved bringing her back to her happy place.





Edited by Megan. (Thank god), and Gravy (Part 1&2)


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