Uncharted Waters

2:29:08 PM

A wave of nausea. A pang of guilt. A debate within myself.

Have you ever felt that what you do is truly right but the person you’re helping will suffer once actions would be taken? Well in my case, taking action or not she will suffer, she will be affected both physical and emotional.

The constant fear of being at home, house really, not knowing what to expect. Only by preparing herself for the worst, mentally and physically. I, myself, am experiencing this first hand though for different reasons, the fear is still there. It’s been going for so long, she of all people does not deserve such things. I’m proud of her that it didn’t stop her from making friends, it didn’t stop her from achieving her goal. If I were given a chance to switch places with her, I would instantly agree without having second thoughts.

My friend and I confronted her of her problem, yesterday. We both agreed that we needed to take action, with knowing that our friendship, our bond may suffer. We were all willing to take the risk, we are ready to sacrifice our friendship for the benefit of her safety. Wouldn’t you also do the same? A close friend whom you know that’s suffering. Would you sacrifice your bond, your friendship for that person to earn safety. We both expect she will hate us, she will despise us. It hurts but it’s all for her.

Today is the day we take action. Today is the day we take a stand. My friend and I, together with others who know, will take action and a stand. We told her our plan, to tell an adult who is capable of helping. Don’t worry, we’ve expected that she wont turn to us if she would be take away from her house. So we told her best friend our plan, she is willing to be the one whom she will turn. We’ve contemplated for about this with much thought. The possibility of it being a lie is a grave one but she will need help, immediately. That is a serious and dangerous situation for her and those around her. We love her so much, very much but this is the best way. Wouldn’t you also do that to the one you love?

Doubt. Fear. Hesitation. Ambiguity. Dubiousness. Endless words that can go on and on and on… Forever, until we settle this down. We walk in uncharted waters, strange waters. The future, the outcome is bleak but we will push this through. As I write this, endless train of thoughts come to my mind. I want to get this over with and settle my mind. Calmed and focus I will finish this.


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