The Biggest Enemy is Yourself

Bottom Line of this post is located on the last paragraph. If not interested to read please simply scroll down.

Action. Done. Reaction. Not yet done.

As I said, my friends and I took a step. We told someone who can help. We all believe and agree that she can keep a secret. Furthering to our discussion with her, we’ve learned that she has helped multiple cases similar as hers. She immediately said that things will be kept strictly-confidential and resumed asking for details. We’ve shown her proof, like how one writes a story but in reality, it is describing that person’s feelings or situation. She understands us. She told us that she has a way of telling her without her knowing it was us spoke out. We politely declined and quickly stated our thoughts. We’d rather be by her side and show support though currently, we are aware of her hating us, she see’s us as the bad guys, we are all aware why. We expected it already.

At the end of the discussion, the adult needed time to do her own investigations. We respect her choice and let her be. We trust her, we know she can be the one to actually put our intentions to good use. As we all exited her place, I instantly felt lighter. I asked my friends, they agreed with me. Now the hard part is faking. We have whats left for the weekend to compose ourselves and be ready once we arrive in school. Once there, everything will go hush. Nothing happened, we need to look fine. We have to resume with our daily lives, normally. We must not have any conversations of this in public. Everything will go silent.

Before I did everything, I seriously thought of what my dad said and what others suggested. This kept me up at about three am until I settled that it was enough for now. I needed to sleep no matter what because I still have training, not sleeping before training is horrible. Just a while ago that happened, I felt like shit. I felt weak. Though seriously I did think of it, I avoided the fact that she will be mentally broken. Three of her trusted friends turning behind her back, forcing her to do something she doesn’t want to. If she doesn’t realize that she needs help. If she doesn’t realize that it’s for the best of her. She keeps saying that currently it’s fine but nothing stay fine for long, I first-handedly experienced that. She needs help. She herself has to say it.

It’s all been overwhelming for me, I apologize for posting such. I just wanted to say in general is:

Sometimes to help a friend, you need to be the enemy. By being the enemy, your bond as friends gets destroyed. You will need to gamble friendship. Not only would your friend suffer but yourself too. Before you do such things, make sure you are mentally prepared. Always expect for the worst, remember that. Shits going down and it’s going to be filled with drama. Feel free to call it ‘Drama Marathon’ as I would call it. I guess putting a bit of humor wouldn’t hurt, right? Lastly, sometimes the best option is not always the easiest. Life is a constant battle with various things, but the biggest enemy is yourself.


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