Don’t Lose Focus

Doubts fill my head. Questions dwell, too. Debating with myself if it was right or wrong. To have such things in my mind is absolutely wrong especially when things are this fragile. As a new week starts, expectations of reality is doomed. I cannot be fooled by my optimism but can only hang on to my pessimistic ways.

For one to be fully aware of the situation and those yet to come. One must, expect for the worst. One needs to be pessimistic about the future and avoid any optimistic thoughts because chances are greater to become false. But thing is, one may need to be pessimistic but one must also stay strong and firm when thinking of thoughts. You simply need to dwell and prepare not dwell and stay.

A huge difference between the two. To dwell and prepare is to learn and think of ways to cope with it. To dwell and stay is to lose focus of your main goal thus leading the failure of the goal.

See the difference?

Stay firm and don’t lose focus. If you do lose focus, find a way to refocus. Concentrate and remember the reason/s you had such goal. Do not let doubts bring you down and continue moving forward.

Up coming days/weeks/months, hopefully not years, will be dreadful for my friends and I. As this continue to drag a long we must stay strong for the plan is at a fragile state. If one were to back down, the plan would go wrong. All our original ideas would become nothing but a failure. It would be destroyed. If the plan were to fail, we would most definitely not benefit from it.

Now desperate for the little hope we have, we turn too in these times. Doubts unwavering persistence causes me to regret thus making me unsure. I started this with my friends and I will need to end it with them.

Stay firm. Don’t lose focus. I will finish what is started.


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