Maybe’s in Life

Life’s filled with so much maybe, indefinitely really. It doesn’t matter if it’s bad or good because it’s applicable. Who knew that one would be depressed? One day those little kids you see laughing and smiling, they might commit suicide, self harm, anorexic, bulimia, have a PTSD, or become depressed. Life’s unpredictable, and it’s better to be left that way.  I know it may not make any sense but life’s complicated enough, why bother to make it more complicated that it is? Messing with it will just fuck everything up more. That is why life should be left alone as it is.

Look around, you see people dying, diseases spreading to a greater extent. We may live in a world filled with technological advancements but don’t the disease which we’ve learned to treat become worse? What happens when we’ve advanced so much that things get worse and we stopped advancing. Look at the options and the consequences. Oh and about cloning? Don’t get me started with that bullshit. People die for a reason and that is to give way for new life. That is the sad and harsh reality. Tip? Learn to accept it. I will not sugar-coat my words because I can predict that all of you must be educated enough to realize why. If you refuse this information, sooner or later reality will sink in. If one will pursue cloning, won’t we just break the cycle of this world. Think about it. The world will become over populated as it is already.

Have you ever wondered that maybe our search for curiosity, for knowledge, is too much? That maybe it is overwhelming? Shouldn’t we take these things with baby steps. The world is perfect but what we’re doing is destroying it. One day, we will be the cause for humanities extinction. I have a really good feeling on it and I trust my gut. My gut has saved me many times, though I know it is wrong but it has also made some of the good choices I do in life.

Let’s be honest, the maybe’s saved our skin from time to time. It prepares us physically and mentally what to expect. It gives us a chance to imagine and somewhat predict the outcome. Though we all know that the future is very unstable, the decisions we make will affect it.

I once had a talk with a friend. Thing is, that friend of mine has an issue when setting goals. Once she sets goals for her self, those becomes her mind set. She starts to think that she has to achieve it. I explained her that, we may have goals, regardless if it were permanently or temporary. But the decisions, path, or way we choose will differ. These goals are connected with infinite strings which we can choose from. We get to choose the option of how to go about it, how to achieve it. It’s all in the matter choice.

Just remember life is filled with infinite maybe’s and most of the times these maybe’s may save our skins … or destroy us.


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