It’s Been A While Since

Given the chance to perform in front of absolute stages, would you take it?

Me? No.

I was given (forcefully forced into doing such without given an option) a chance to preform in front of absolute strangers.

One word. Embarrassing.

I haven’t really taken the chance to let you know a little bit of me other than my problems, I am so sorry for that. For now all you need to know is that, I am a wanna be writer who does volleyball and ballet. Yes, volleyball and ballet. Two opposite things but that’s what I do. Many of my friends and the people I know make fun of me by saying that I do “balletball”. See the relation? Ballet + Volleyball. One that does both at the same time.

Anyways, going back to the point. I had to dance in front of strangers in a mall. Changing into costume and putting on make up (I hate make-up with the exception of eyeliner and mascara) in simple 30 mins. We were all rushing because the principal refused to excuse us from class. Yes, it was very annoying and stressful.

Though through the stress and annoyance still we pushed through. For 12 or 13 years of dancing, I know it’s a long time. There are times I’ve asked myself “Why haven’t I stopped?”. After a long break of preforming on stage, its actually a feeling that I missed.

My palms sweating, my heart raising, excitement and nervousness overwhelm my emotions. Oh god, let me tell you the bloopers we have onstage! Hahaha. Yes, while preforming on stage my friends and I talk. We laugh and curse, mostly because of our mistakes.

At the end of the day it was fun. We got free food from the school and my parents and I ate out! Oh, and I also bought two albums 🙂


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