Enjoy, Love, and Be Free

The blinding lights that brighten up the stage. The heat from it that spreads to the body. October 26, 2013 was the day I preform in a stage, an official stage. It’s been almost 5 or 6 months since I’ve preformed in such environment. The nerve-racking chills, the excitement … everything I’ve surely missed. Heck, even the backstage room that’s extremely crowded. I can’t say that I haven’t preformed in a while but I can say that it’s been surely a long time for me to be off a stage like not just the simply stage or a forced stage. This stage was different from the recent performances, it was literally made for ballet.

The tiring practices to make the dance almost perfect, going home late, rushing from volleyball to ballet practice, skipping volleyball practice? All those are what I had to do to be able to preform the best as I can. The dance was even in pointe shoes! Thing is, I have weak ankles since I’ve sprained both already. I even discovered I had a hairline fracture on my right ankle after so many years. I wasn’t even aware until recently, but I did my best to improve. I do say that I did even the slightest, I am happy with that and I do hope I still continue to improve.

I admit that I do not love ballet enough to pursue it as a course but I like it enough that I enjoy it. Sometimes I can say that ballet is a way for me to express my feelings just like others would, maybe it’s just dance itself. I tell you now that I am not gifted with ballet yet I still continue it. I’ve been doing ballet since I was two and a half years old. Basically, I’ve been doing ballet for 11 or 12 years. It’s long I know but I am not flexible at all. Well, at least the ballet standards. Hahaha.

It doesn’t mean that if you aren’t gifted or talented in a specific act, it doesn’t mean you should stop. As I said, I am not gifted with performing ballet but I still do it, all you need is to enjoy, love, and be free. Don’t be degraded with talented people because they are a whole different level … but you are too. How? They come with natural talent while you come with hard work and patient. See my point now? Stop comparing yourself with others, stop thinking that it’s impossible because it isn’t. Don’t give up easily, especially if it’s something you love and enjoy.

I don’t let make-up, itchy costumes, and degrading people stop from doing what I enjoy. Surely, I had my time of planning to leave ballet but for some reason I didn’t. I stayed. Why? Who knows, not even I but for now all I know is that I enjoy ballet for the creativity and the chance to express. The only thing that can stop me improving  is time and money. Yes, ballet is extremely expensive especially when you get to a higher level because there are the pointe shoes which you have to buy every two to three months depending on the use. That’s hole in your wallet every two to three months.

Before I end this post, if you were given a chance to pursue something you love, don’t forget to thank those whom supported you: morally, physically and financially. The least you can do is show your best effort an thank them. That is what I’ve learned through my experience. I even remembered how on of my old teachers cried in front of class because last recital we forgot to thank her. So if you want that to avoid happening to you, do remember to thank them.


I am so sorry for posting this late, I came home from the recital at 11 am. I had to then sleep early for I still had to wake up early to go to a friend’s house because of homework. Yes, this weekend has been extremely busy. What can I say? That’s my life. A busy life.


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