Cross Road

It’s been an extremely long while since I’ve last really ‘blogged’. Yes, my schedule is still filled with the competitions and ballet performances to practice for. School projects and homework that I just really cram. With everything that’s happened and is happening, I never took the time to sit on my laptop and formally type a post.

God, there’s been so much I’ve been wanting to blog about but my shitty schedule does not cooperate with me. Here are some events that happened over past few days.

  1. MSEP Fieldtrip (MSEP is a program that is provided from my school. It’s a program for those who can pick up faster in math and science subjects.)
  2. Marian Camp (It’s basically a holy day.)
  3. First Time Shipping

And a lot more that I actually forgot. I realized so much over the events. Countless thoughts and ideas passing through my head, most of which I’ve already forgotten. For now I am also disappointed to say that my creative writings skills, fail to arise. I currently have no plans on stories or poems. Well I do have the topics down, I just don’t feel the drive. Do you get me?

Well last, time I’ve announced that I was on my way to recover. Which was great. (Take note: was) Currently, I’m not really sure where I stand. It’s like I stand on ground that can disappear at any moment, just like a crumbling cliff which at any moment may collapse. There was even a time where in I almost relapsed, good thing  I was able to get my shit down and controlled. But I don’t think it would matter if I relapsed or not because right now I don’t think I’m recovering nor do I think I’ve relapsed. So where am I?

As you can see, I am just like a lost sheep roaming around the fields unsure where to go. Now I start to wonder, where  am I heading? What am I doing? Am I still on the road to recovery or a cursed path to relapse?

Where am I going?


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