The Change

As I look upon the sky
I no longer see blue skies
Not even a bit of clear
Nor a bit of bright

When did it turn so dark
Like a storm forming by
Covered the pleasant mark
Made by ones up high

I may not believe in sacred scriptures
To be honest, unexplained bullshit is what I hear
I don’t exactly mind to be hated on this
For it is what knowledge I seer

Yet again I look upon the sky
My sight still sees the same
But I feel something new
Like falling droplets on my head

Here it is, the rain has come
Dropping on my face, I feel numb
I see, it’s filled with red stained fright
No longer what I know, clear and white

With fright I stand with what’s left of my might
All courage I’ve gathers, all stories I’v told
Yet still I hear the soft hum, ringing at a height
Which I’ve searched everywhere to grab a hold


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