Christmas Event: 5 Objects

Hey! I’m back from the endless days of busy and strenuous work of school and life that’s been a barrage of bullets to me. I can finally take the time to breathe again and collect my being that was lost in the process. Today is the 1st day of my Christmas break. Woohoo! As we all know Christmas is nearing soon, in my place it’s in the next 7 days. To be honest, I still don’t feel the Christmas vibes (feeling). Though I’ve received gift from my friends, the excitement for Christmas isn’t there. It’s sad, I know but that’s what I feel. Maybe it’s the cause of being too busy? Or maybe it’s just one of the abnormality to me but I really don’t know.

Well I have a plan which all of us, including I can participate it. On the 20th day of December, specifically 5 days before Christmas, I will be posting questions or statements, even a thing or things to do. Some may be added with a short description to have an idea or some background but still the main idea would come. This activity would be called the “5 objects”. You may be wondering why ‘objects’. Well, a synonym of ‘things’ would be ‘objects’. See the relation I did? Hehe. Okay I’m sorry but hey, it should make sense now.



See you all on the 20th of December 🙂



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