5 Objects: Day 1


It’s day 1 of the event 5 objects. As promised, on the 20th of December I shall post a condition or something that everyone may do. I highly recommend it though.

On twitter the trend on my timeline would be #2013TaughtMe. So, I shall bring this to wordpress!

The 1st condition for the 1st day of 5 objects would be…

2013 Taught Me….
(some on my list)

  • that we need to take time to think
  • life’s all about decisions
  • risks are like the conflict of a story, it makes it move
  • we can only help someone so much, just so much
  • we always have options and choices
  • it’s okay to doubt yourself some times
  • life stops for nobody
  • keep trying, never give up

Well, those are some things that 2013 has thought me. How about you? What has 2013 taught you, feel free to comment below and I am excited to read it


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