Ummm… Hi 2014

Dear 2014,

As I write this letter it’s about 40 mins till 12 midnight, the official start of 2014. As 2013 approaches to the end, realizations and memories come a burst of extremely. One of the most prominent realizations would be, as each year comes to the end and another shall begin a new set of bullshit challenges but there will be another pleasing memories to be made. Well, 2013 is a year I would call my worst so far but also the best. I’m not really sure how what to expect and I would rather not expect at all. But all I request to 2014 is that, please please i beg you to be kind to me and also all my close friends, even those I don’t know. The temptations to light more fireworks are calling to me. I end this letter and will not prolong it anymore. But seriously, please be kind to me. Bye/


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