Movie Suggest! TV Series Suggest!

Recently, Christmas break has just passed. Want to know how I spent it? Well I spent it watching movies and shows, hahaha so productive.  It’s something I’ve learned to love, and something I’ve learned to enjoy. Because of this, I’d love to share all the movies and TV shows I’ve enjoyed and loved.


Update #1

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I did. Now I guess I’ll start my long excuses but I’ll do my best to keep it short. Things have been very stressful: physically and mentally. Things have arose and I’ve been physically abusing my own body to the point of passing out every night. Don’t worry, physically abusing myself is basically me doing volley for 6 straight days for the whole day. *Cue the applause*. Then things I’ve forgotten and thought I’ve gotten over has re-risen, problems that have been put on hold now gives me the stress of making quick action with the little time to think over.

In actuality, I’ve been wanting to post but I haven’t have the thoughts and the time, hilarious right? Most people would have the thoughts and the time but they don’t have the drive to type or write. Well, I on the other hand has a weird functioning brain that is extremely different, thought I don’t mind it at all. Even until now, I haven’t have the idea of a post topic. Maybe it’s because thoughts are in and out of my head 24/7. When one gets forgotten, another arises then the forgotten one comes back.

Yes, I know that I have an extremely short span of attention but I actually think in very complicated way too.  Don’t need to tell me that twice.

I have also made a hundred drafts and deleted a thousand more.


Most are one liners and are extremely a short train of thought. Some are extremely crappy and shit, ramblings such as this. Others too light, too ‘heavy’, or too personal.

I have will say this now that I have my respects to you, readers. It must be a pain to read my posts: my terrible grammar and spelling, the unorganized thoughts, the random moments, maybe too depressing, or too happy. I want to thank you for sticking up with my bipolar ways. Please feel free to comment your own opinions because I, myself, am curious.

I’ll be having  a new thing to post:

  1. Train of Thoughts – to exercise your brain.
  2. Song Lyrics – My own version of a playlist but in just a song (hahahahaha)

So far those are my ideas, I don’t know every when I’d post it. Daily, monthly or every whatsoever days has not been decided. Please bear with me for quite a little while and I’ll go back to my regular posting.



Hahaha, well this is different. I’m usually a lazy type of person that only goes when he or she feels like it. I have 2 blogs and a shared blog. I guess it’s time for me to move on and start another. One blog contained personal post and the other contained stories which, I, myself composed. During those day, I realized I wasn’t ‘seriously‘ blogging. I was simply ranting my thoughts in a messed up and selfish manner. Now I want to improve my writing and grammar, hopefully through this blog because I want to start all over and from scratch. I’m thinking of it as a clean slate, thought it’d be hard I have a feeling it’d be an experience.

Through this blog I’ll be showing the ‘new’ me, the changed me. Something that I’ve never clearly explained to someone, hopefully through this blog. I’m just going to warn you that I do have dark thoughts, I have twisted ones, I have not plausible and plausible ones. And I’m different. How? I’ll explain it next time because it’s exam week and I need to study because in all honesty, I haven’t. And tomorrow is the start of the examinations. I’m doomed, yeah. See you soon!

My goals for this blog:

– fix my writing and grammar

– express the ‘new’ me

– maybe find friends (?)

– express my thoughts in a clear manner which some may actually understand

For me that a lot but I think I know I can do this. 🙂