Who Am I?

I am Adrianne, but am more familiar being called Aids. No, I don’t have the STD but simply just called it. I take no offense to it so you don’t need to fret.

Here’s a few details about me:

Height: 5’9
Age: 14
Birthday: October 29, 1999
Country: Philippines
Best Friend: Gravy
Sport: Volleyball but used to do soccer
Dance: Ballet
Favorite Band: Mayday Parade
Music Genre: Open to all but prefers alternative rock/punk, and recently to indie

Other details:

I use writing as a output of expression. I tend to over-think more than an average human being. I am depressed but trying to recover. Apparently, I still have an issue with accepting that I am depressed but I know I am. Oh, another thing would be how I am extremely scattered-minded. I get lost in my own fantasy/hellish world. I tend to slur my words. Last important you should all know is that I have terrible grammar and spelling.


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