Refusal of Denial

Your soul crying
Your tears falling
Your heart aching

Anger and frustration
Fill your thoughts
Wishing for redemption

Lost in water
Darkness all over
No way of escaping

Slowly you are dying
Help, you’re screaming
Your eyes are dimming

Overwhelmed with pain
Pours blood rain
No way to reign

Control lost over
Nothing to hover
No way to cover

A lost cause yo claim
Recovery you refused to gain


Shrouded Subsidiary

Late at night ’till break of dawn
Thoughts filled her head
She’s up, awake and kept at bay
Her body filled with stains of red

While everyone’s asleep
Silently she thinks
Pessimism starts to creep
Endless possibility of things

Words muffled by tears
Choking on her screams
She, herself hears
Tears falling in tears

Now everyone starts to wake
She hides herself in her berth
Wishing for sleep she may attain
As she cries herself to dream