I Stand Where My Feet Brings Me

I am lost
Yet to be found
Dwindling on roads
Crossroads I’ve bet on
Surviving by the nick
Hoping for the best

I’ve been staring empty spaces
Playing memories beyond I
Control I’ve forgotten
An animal I’ve mutated

Human? I may not
Living? May be
Dying? Ughh…
What am I then?

I tend to wonder
If so I may
Where do I stand?
But oh, my feet brought me here.


Reality of the Imaginary

To live in an imaginary world filled with happiness and peace is to: risk the company of others, those whom you’ve known, know and have yet to know; risk the enlightenment and pain they cause upon you, with knowing that they are what makes of you – what makes you discover your limits and go beyond it; risk the warmth of their embrace and their physical comfort or words that can touch your soul; risk the chance to discover more and venture to the infinite line; risk the chance to call the bets and make decisions; risk the chance to expect the unexpected. To live in such a world is to seclude yourself from the continuous growth of oneself.

It is a choice, an option that one may choose with free will for it is said that we live in a free country. The thought of the happiness and peace makes one feel untouchable and safe from destruction, but being safe will not let one progress. In fact, it prevents anyone from moving forwards.

A world chosen in imaginary is to replay the present over and over again, a broken record on repeat, never going back neither forward. The moment one chooses, knowledge within the being is the only foundation of the imaginary. It may different from time to time but as the sand continuously fall by the grain, different would not be ‘different’ no more.

A pattern such as A, B, C, D may be the original set, within it one may make more, such as: AB, ABCD, ABC, ABD, ACD, AD and etc. In the end, the pattern will stop until there is no more. That is when one starts to repeat the pattern; when different would not be ‘different’ no more.

One cannot benefit. One shall remain stuck.

The past, present and future – there will be no such thing. Birth and death will no longer coexist as one may know. Everything is just a time played upon the infinity.


The Tempting Edge

You walk off the edge of the cliff, pacing back and forth thinking the unthinkable.An infinity of “if’s” and “maybe’s” run through your head. Tempting offer, yes?

Forward and onward. No, backward and retract. 

Which one? Endless possibilities, infinite opinions, barrage of confusions – such as those remain your mind tender.

Let your mind be tender for it is what makes you understand. Be focused, as sharp as the tip of your tongue – filled with lies, to not waver from any distractions. Breathe, for it is one that you must and remain to do so. Learn, for without it you may never move on but simply remain still – afloat in time. Most importantly, make mistakes; through such acts we are given a chance, and with this chance gives a new idea.

Life will not always seem as it is supposed to, or simply that is what majority would think so. But maybe, it may also be that life is not to be supposed to but simply supposed from – an exception within what we’d think as, in explainable. More often that not, the in explainable is something we refuse to accept; the laziness of understanding of what refuse.

Forward and onward, backward and retract.


The Change

As I look upon the sky
I no longer see blue skies
Not even a bit of clear
Nor a bit of bright

When did it turn so dark
Like a storm forming by
Covered the pleasant mark
Made by ones up high

I may not believe in sacred scriptures
To be honest, unexplained bullshit is what I hear
I don’t exactly mind to be hated on this
For it is what knowledge I seer

Yet again I look upon the sky
My sight still sees the same
But I feel something new
Like falling droplets on my head

Here it is, the rain has come
Dropping on my face, I feel numb
I see, it’s filled with red stained fright
No longer what I know, clear and white

With fright I stand with what’s left of my might
All courage I’ve gathers, all stories I’v told
Yet still I hear the soft hum, ringing at a height
Which I’ve searched everywhere to grab a hold



Can’t we just lay down under the midnight sky
Counting stars as we stay at each others sides

Can’t we just sit in silence as the day goes on
Finding comfort in each other’s warmth

Can’t we just be us when the world judges us
Weird and free, happy and wee

Oh dear, I’ve asked these a thousands times
Maybe even a million or billion on my mind

But we both know that life is no fairy tale
And you are not a prince, neither am I a princess

It’s life, wherein nothing goes your way
It’s where unexpected things happen

It gives no chances but only takes
It’s brutal and harsh wherein everyone is alone

But through the dissonant reality
You are my endless immunity


Porcelain Doll

Just like a porcelain doll
Your skin so white
Flawless and smooth
Yet fragile as glass

Your skin, thin as paper
Your mind, thick as metal
Your thoughts, blurred as fog
Your eyes, clear as glass

Run you may do so
Hide you may not
All attempts end up futile
For it will always find you

Don’t runaway
Don’t even bother to try
Face it or be crushed
By the relentless memories

I know my dear
It’s eating you alive
But don’t fret
I’ll always be here


Behind These Walls

The symphony of the crowd
Roaring with all their might
Showing no fear
In the face of death

Chanting their lives
Worth of memories
Made within the given time

Alone they’re brittle
Together a wall
Strong to withhold
Against any whom oppose

Those whom break
No worries they’re others
Willing to remind
And give a helping hand

No one calls bets alone
Decisions weighed on all
Together they rise
Together they fall

Unity among others
No one may ponder
Questions, no exception
Debates all voided

Thats the feeling
Behind these walls
Where strength
You can find with others